It was lovely to see all of the different characters the children dressed up as for World Book Day in Hedgehogs, Foxes, Badgers, Rabbits Bases.

“Promoting a love of reading is crucial to lifelong learning and is an important skill from birth to adulthood.  Reading for pleasure is the single biggest indicator of a child’s future success”                                                              The organisation for Economic Co-operation & development

Hardmoor Early Years Centre is committed to promoting all aspects of reading, we have been joining the ‘Share a million stories campaign’.   The ‘Share a million stories campaign’ is nationwide with the aim of spreading a love of books and reading for pleasure both in Early Years settings and at home, to make story-sharing the habit of a lifetime.  We will be counting how many stories are shared at nursery and at home.  We sent home a reading record, for every story you share with your child over the five week period.

Research shows:

That reading for pleasure is in decline as is the number of parents sharing stories with their children
Only 56% of 3 and 4 year olds are read to daily or nearly everyday                                                                      More information can be found at