We have had an amazing start to Messy Play week. I don’t know who is having more fun, the children or the staff!

Activities so far have included gloop, sand, shaving foam, marshmallow playdough, dry rice and spray bottle painting. Still to come is Gelli-Baff, whisking soap flakes and threading cheerios, to name but a few!
It is so wonderful to see the children engaging in different activities and using all of their senses. Their curiosity, imagination and explorative skills are certainly all being developed.
Why not try messy play at home? My favourite messy play activity is one that I’ve done with my grand-children on many occasions, and this is playing with flour and water.

What you need:
• Flour
• Water
• Old clothes or apron
• Large plastic bowl and washing up bowl
• Spoons
• Something for pouring, plastic bottles or cups are good.
• Old washed yoghurt pots or bowls.

• Decide where to do the activity (think about the ease of cleaning up! Old shower curtains, wipe
clean table cloths or old newspapers are good to use as floor coverings)
• Have a bowl of soapy water or wipes close by

Top Tips:
• Dress for Mess
• Get stuck in
• Have fun!

Good luck! We would love you to share your photos of messy play at home with us. Either email them to reception@hardmoor.co.uk or share them on our Facebook page.