Parenting & Community Learning Programme

Citywide Offer ’20 – ‘21

0-19 Early Help and Prevention Service are pleased to be able to offer a range of parenting & community learning programmes as part of the 0-19 Early Help and Prevention service.

The advertisement of these courses will be via our 0-19 Early Help and Prevention Family Learning, Parenting and Training leaflet and individual flyers for courses. These are widely distributed through our agency and community mailing list, and sent out to local community venues. Parents and professionals can access these training leaflets in all Sure Start centres.  All courses are also available to see on the Sure Start Facebook page and SID (Southampton Information Directory).

Please note:

  • There is not an ongoing waiting list for these training courses.
  • Referrals will only be taken for advertised courses.
  • Referrers need to assess & prioritise need & complete a referral form (attached) for the most appropriate course.
  • Referrers will need to indicate which course they are referring to detailing the date, venue and time on the referral form.  Please do not indicate multiple courses on a single form.
  • Please give details of crèche places needed if crèche is being offered. Please note not all courses will offer a crèche.
  • Please note that some courses have a closing date for referrals which will be adhered to.
  • Please e-mail the referral form to the named person for that course.
  •  Once the course has been advertised & the booking system opened, each referral will be considered and contacted.  Not all referrals will be guaranteed a place.

Julie Turley,  Senior  Family Support Worker, 0-19 years Early Help & Prevention Service

Southampton 0 – 19 Integrated Early Help and Prevention Service

Community Learning front page Summer 2

Community Learning back page Summer 2

Referral Form 2020-21